About Psychotherapy

The psychotherapy I have trained in and practice depends on the relationship that the client and myself develop. In my role as a trained therapist in Jungian, psychodynamic and sandplay therapy, all healing is based on the felt connection my client and me build together; me in my role as the therapist who holds in confidence all that is being played out in the relationship with the client who is with me and the client in the role of one who is seeking help to move through difficulties.

As we develop this sense of trust and the client begins to feel listened to and understood emotionally, the sense of one’s self changes and broadens.  More players enter on the inside field of the client.  Most of us have had experiences throughout our lives beginning in childhood in which some players on our inner stage have been forbidden.  Perhaps it is the emotional player, perhaps the truthful player, perhaps the forbidden thoughts player, perhaps the rebellious player, perhaps many others have been put to sleep or are in a coma.  My experience in being a psychotherapist is that eventually as we continue to deepen our relationship and the client feels that all players are welcome, the work gets deeper and the client begins to feel more alive and begins to resurrect forbidden layers. Life becomes more interesting with more capacity for experience and staying alive emotionally.  That is psychotherapy as I practice it.