About Me


After reading, Memories, Dreams and Reflections, Carl Jung’s autobiography, I steered my ship toward Jungian training.  The reading introduced me to the possibility that there was within me an inner world of adventures.  My soul awakened and I began an inner journey that has been the fulcrum of my life since that time.  My immersion in training at the Jung Institute and consequently the training in sandplay therapy both here in the bay area in in Switzerland has added depth and breadth to my work.  My inner development through my many years in therapy enables me to listen and digest the communications from my clients.  I now have a compass to navigate the seas of the unconscious where the riches of truly being a person lie.

Through the past thirty years, since I have been a licensed therapist I have developed an ability to deeply listen to my clients.  This listening capacity helps me to have a sensitivity to what my clients need from me.  I can then return to my clients, the support that they need, be it for a short time together or a longer relationship depending on what is needed. I have a sense intuitively, based on my listening not only to the client but also to what is occurring in response inside of me.  I am then able to communicate to my client that we are together going to navigate a way through the rough seas that the client is  currently caught in.  Whether it is for a short time or a long time that we remain together, I injest and return what I sense is needed.  By the end of therapy, I hope that the client can walk away satisfied that they have been supported in experiencing and receiving what they were hoping to gain from therapy.