About Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay therapy is a nonverbal modality of therapy that allows the client to uncover and express their inner situation by creating scenes from shelves of figures in the presence of the therapist.


Sandplay area of therapy room

The scenes are created in a bounded tray of sand whose dimensional size covers our peripheral vision.  It is similar to a wakening dream in that the interior world of the client is revealed not only to the client but also to the therapist.  It is a visual and tactile meditation that is experienced with the therapist.  By creating a series of trays during a therapeutic process, the client can then externalize the internal geography of the self.  The therapist as witness to this process holds and internally digests the internal world of the client. This implicit knowing of creating these scenes being witnessed by the therapist can then become a lived experience similar to the experience of being with a work of art.  The clients carries the process and the holding of the therapist within as healing is generated.